Environmental Policy

Haohai Metal (Haohai Titanium) is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. Our goal is to ensure that company facilities and operations are in compliance with federal, state and local environmental standards. We believe that an appropriate balance can and should be achieved between environmental goals and economic health.
We will strive to improve our environmental performance over time and to initiate additional projects and activities that will further reduce our impacts on the environment.   

Our commitment to the environment extends to our customers, our staff, and the community in which we operate.  
We are committed to:

Meet or exceed all applicable legislation, regulations and other requirements relating to the environmental aspects of our site, as maintained in our Register of Regulations and Legislation.

Strive to ensure that all our activities are carried out in a way that prevents pollution of the environment.

Be constantly aware of all environmental issues - particularly those that have a direct relevance to our business.

Communicate our environmental commitment and efforts to our staff, customers, suppliers and our community, continually improve over time by striving to measure our environmental impacts and by setting goals to reduce these impacts each year

Operate appropriate scrap minimization and material recycling schemes to reduce our impact on the environment. Use an accredited program to offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our activities.

Select suppliers who are aware of their environmental responsibilities, wherever practicable, via our purchasing policy.

Continually develop and review our environmental practices and monitor their progress so that we can improve our policy.
All we pursuit and maintain is continuous technology development for better human life; Continuous environment excellence to create a greener earth.