Alloy Sputtering Target A Brief Introdction

- May 15, 2017-

Brief introduction of alloy sputtering target

Alloy sputtering target The coating of the alloy sputtering target can be simply understood as bombarding the target with electron or high energy laser and sputtering the surface component in atomic or ionic form by an alloy sputtering target and finally depositing on the substrate surface Film process, the final formation of thin film.

Sputtering is divided into many kinds, the overall view, and evaporation coating is different from the sputtering rate will become one of the main parameters. The sputtering coating in the sputtering coating pld, component uniformity is easy to maintain, while the atomic size of the uniformity of the thickness is relatively poor (because it is pulsed sputtering), crystal direction (outer edge) growth control is also more general.

Alloy sputtering target

Alloy sputtering target Our company supplies vacuum sputtering target:

1.Metal targets, titanium target Ti, tin target Su, hafnium target Hf, lead target Pb, nickel target Ni, silver target Ag, selenium target Se, beryllium target Be, tellurium target Te, carbon target C, Vanadium target V, antimony target Sb, indium target In, boron target B, tungsten target W, manganese target Mn, bismuth target Bi, copper target Cu, silicon target Si, tantalum target Ta, zinc target Zn, magnesium target Mg, Zr, chromium target Cr, stainless steel target SS, niobium target Nb, molybdenum target Mo, cobalt target Co, iron target Fe, germanium target Ge, etc.

2.alloy sputtering target: iron cobalt target FeCo, aluminum silicon target AlSi, titanium silicon target TiSi, chromium silicon target CrSi, zinc aluminum target ZnAl, titanium zinc target TiZn, titanium aluminum target TiAl, titanium zirconium target TiZr, titanium Silicon target TiSi, titanium nickel target TiNi, nickel chromium target NiCr, nickel aluminum target NiAl, nickel vanadium target NiV, nickel iron target NiFe etc ...

3.Ceramic target: ITO target, silica target SiO, silica target SiO2, titanium dioxide target TiO2, yttrium oxide target Y2O3, vanadium pentoxide target V2O5, tantalum pentoxide target Ta2O5, niobium pentoxide Target Nb2O5, zinc oxide target ZnO, zirconium oxide target ZrO, magnesium oxide target MgO, single crystal silicon target, polysilicon target, magnesium fluoride target MgF2, calcium fluoride target CaF2, lithium fluoride target LiF, barium fluoride target BaF3 , Boron carbide target B4C, boron nitride target BN, silicon carbide target SiC, zinc sulfide target ZnS, molybdenum sulfide target MoS, alumina target Al2O3, strontium titanate target SrTiO3, zinc selenide target ZnSe, gallium arsenide target, phosphorus Gallium oxide target, zinc oxide target, zinc oxide target, zinc oxide target, zinc oxide target, zinc oxide target, zinc oxide target, etc .; purity: "99.9% -99.9999%" according to customer requirements processing into Target sizes of various sizes.