Guidelines And Precautions For Using Metal Sputtering Targets

- Oct 09, 2017 -

Guidelines and precautions for using Metal Sputtering Targets

First, sputtering preparation

It is very important to keep the vacuum chamber, especially the sputtering system clean. Any residue formed by lubricating oil and dust and pre-coating will collect water vapor and other contaminants, directly affecting the degree of vacuum to obtain and increase the possibility of film failure. Metal Sputtering Targets Short circuit or target starting arc, film surface roughness and chemical impurities are often exceeded due to unclean sputtering room, sputtering gun and target caused. In order to maintain the composition of the coating characteristics, sputtering gas (argon or oxygen) must be clean and dry, sputtering chamber into the substrate after the need to extract the air to achieve the required vacuum process. Dark area shields, cavity walls and adjacent surfaces also need to be kept clean. In the cleaning of the vacuum chamber, we recommend the use of glass ball shot blasting method to deal with dirt parts at the same time with compressed air to remove the cavity around the pre-sputtering residue, and then alumina impregnated sandpaper gently on the surface of the polishing. After polishing the gauze, then rinse with alcohol, Metal Sputtering Targets acetone and deionized water, and recommend the use of industrial vacuum cleaner for auxiliary cleaning.

CAUTION: When using the target, keep clean and unprotected protective gloves and avoid direct contact with the target

Second, the target clean

The purpose of the target cleaning is to remove dust or dirt that may be present on the surface of the target.

Metal targets can be cleaned by four steps,

The first step in the acetone soaked in the lint-free soft cloth clean;

The second step is similar to the first step with alcohol;

The third step is to wash with deionized water. After washing with deionized water, the target was then placed in an oven and dried at 100 ° C for 30 minutes.

Cleaning of the oxide and ceramic target cleaning with a "lint-free cloth".

Step 4 After removing the dirty area, Metal Sputtering Targets rinse the target with argon at high pressure and low moisture to remove all impurities that may cause arcs in the sputtering system

Third, the target installation

The most important thing to note during the installation of the target is to ensure that a good thermal connection is established between the target and the sputtering gun cooling wall. If the rigidity of the cooling wall is severe or the bending of the back plate is severe, cracking or bending occurs when the target is mounted, and the thermal conductivity of the back target to the target will be greatly affected, Metal Sputtering Targets resulting in heat in the sputtering process The distribution will eventually result in target cracking or off target

To ensure sufficient thermal conductivity, a layer of graphite can be padded between the cathode cooling wall and the target. Be sure to carefully check and clarify the flatness of the sputtering gun cooling wall used while ensuring that the O-ring is always in position.

Due to the degree of cleanliness of the cooling water used and the possible contamination of the equipment during the operation of the equipment, it is necessary to inspect and clean the cathode cooling water tank when installing the target so as to ensure the smooth flow of the cooling water and the inlet and outlet Will not be blocked.

Some of the cathode design is smaller with the anode gap, Metal Sputtering Targets so the installation of the target need to ensure that the cathode and the anode is not in contact with the conductor can not exist, otherwise it will produce a short circuit.

Refer to the equipment manufacturer's instructions for information on how to properly install the target. If you do not have this information in the user manual, please try to follow the recommendations provided. When tightening the target fixture, first tighten a bolt by hand, and then hand tighten another bolt on the diagonal, Metal Sputtering Targets so repeat until after installing all the bolts, and then tighten the tool The