High Purity Chromium Sputtering Targets

- Dec 06, 2017-

Cr Target 001.jpg

Haohai offers high density, hot rolled Chromium sputtering targets of electrolytic Chromium refined to a purity up to 99.99% with a low content of oxygen and other gaseous impurities.

Chromium and Chromium Nitride (CrN) made from Haohai's Chromium sputtering targets is an excellent function and decorative coating that provides lubricity and superior wear and corrosion resistance. It has a very low residual stress, which provides for the best adhesion and ductility of any of the PVD coatings even as a bonding layer in DLC coatings (Diamond Like Carbon). It can applicate in automotive parts, molds and dies, pump parts, shafts, dry deep drawing and works especially well when used against copper.

Decorative chromium coatings are applied using the magnetron sputtering method.
Wear resistant and adhesive layers can also be produced using the arc evaporation method.

Haohai Chromium sputtering targets include Chromium rotary sputtering targets, Chromium planar sputtering targets and Chromium cathodic targets.

This is a Chromium sputtering target with Dia 203.2 x 6.35mm thick, purity 99.95%