Metal Sputtering Target High Material Industry

- May 10, 2017 -

Metal sputtering target

Metal sputtering target requirements are higher than those of traditional materials industry. General requirements such as size, flatness, purity, impurity content, density, N / O / C / S, grain size and defect control; higher requirements or special Requirements include:

Surface roughness, resistance, grain size uniformity, composition and organization uniformity, foreign matter (oxide) content and size, permeability, ultra-high density and ultra-fine grain and so on.

Metal sputtering target is a new type of physical vapor coating method is to use electron gun system to electrons and focus on the material being plated, so that the sputtering of the atoms follow the momentum conversion principle with a high kinetic energy from the material fly The film was deposited on the substrate. This kind of plated material is called sputtering target. Sputtering targets are metals, alloys, ceramics, borides and the like.

Metal sputtering target main application

Metal sputtering target is mainly used in electronic and information industry, such as integrated circuits, information storage, liquid crystal display, laser memory, electronic control devices, etc .; can also be used in the field of glass coating; can also be used in wear-resistant materials, , High-end decorative supplies and other industries.