Metal Sputtering Target It Is A Sintered Material

- Jul 05, 2017 -

  Metal sputtering target is a sintered material in which the sputtering target material consists of at least 0.5 to 50 atomic% of at least one metal element (M) selected from the group consisting of Ti, Zr, V, Nb and Cr, and the balance Mo and an unavoidable impurity composition, Metal sputtering target and observing the microstructure of the material from a cross section perpendicular to the sputtering surface in which oxide particles are present in the vicinity of the island boundaries of the metal element (M) The maximum area of the island is not more than 1.0mm

  Metallic sputtering target requirements are higher than those of traditional materials industry. General requirements such as size, flatness, purity, Metal sputtering target impurity content, density, N / O / C / S, grain size and defect control; higher requirements or Special requirements include: surface roughness, resistance, grain size uniformity, composition and organization uniformity, foreign matter (oxide) content and size, Metal sputtering target permeability, ultra-high density and ultra-fine grain and so on. Magnetron sputtering is a new type of physical vapor coating that uses electron gun systems to electronically emit and focus on the material being plated so that the sputtered atoms follow the momentum conversion principle with a higher kinetic energy from the material Fly to the substrate deposited film. This kind of plated material is called sputtering target. Sputtering targets are metals, alloys, ceramics, borides and the like.