Backing Plates

Backing plates used in the sputtering process are essential to creating a quality thin film deposition for your product. We offer backing plates in both standard configurations and custom dimensions to meet your specific requirements. We also offer complete bonding services to provide a complete solution.

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Backing Plates

Haohai Metal provides backing plates (copper, molybdenum, copper-chromium, titanium, molybdenum etc.) for planar, circular and cylindrical (rotary) sputtering targets, conductive pastes and pads for sputter target cooling, and also offer bonding services as part of our comprehensive range of services to the PVD community.

Our backing plates are from popular sputtering systems from OEMs, including Perkin-Elmer, MRC, and CVC etc. Our in-house machining capabilities allow us to manufacture a full range of backing plates to original equipment specifications or custom cathode dimensions.

Oxygen-free High Thermal Conductivity (OFHC) CopperOO
Stainless SteelOO
Standard Copper Backing Plate for RF MagnetronOO
Low-Carbon Iron & Copper Backing Plate for DC MagnetronOO
Enhanced Copper Backing Plate with Serpentine Water Cooling TrackOX

  O - available, X - not available

OFHC Copper Backing Plates

Machined from oxygen-free, high-conductivity copper.

   - For regular, circular disc-type sputtering sources

   - Most sputter sources accept a 0.125" (1/8") thick target bonded to a 0.125" thick backing plate

   - For targets of other thicknesses, choose the backing plate thickness to adjust the total thickness to 0.250" (1/4") to suit most applications


   - Those identified in the chart by diameter and thickness only are plain discs without through or tapped holes.

   - They are suitable for most circular target sources from other manufacturers, although they may need minor machining for screw, clamps, etc.

   - Copper Cup Backing Plates available upon request.

Target SizeMaterialsPrice
2" Diameter x .125" thick OFHC CopperP.O.R
2" Diameter x .250" thick OFHC CopperP.O.R
3" Diameter x .125" thick OFHC CopperP.O.R
3" Diameter x .250" thick OFHC CopperP.O.R
4'' Diameter x .125" thickOFHC CopperP.O.R
4" Diameter x .250" thick OFHC CopperP.O.R
6" Diameter x .125" thick OFHC CopperP.O.R
6" Diameter x .250" thickOFHC CopperP.O.R
8" Diameter x .125" thick OFHC CopperP.O.R
8" Diameter x .250" thickOFHC CopperP.O.R

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